Lepage Millwork
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Step into a world of ageless appeal, dependable protection and extreme durability that makes time seem to stand still. Design or transform your entryway into a classic entrance that will welcome your guests in an unparalleled way.


  • Custom and standard sizes
  • 1 ¾“ or 2 ¼“ thick panels
  • Multipoint or single-point hardware available
  • Raised and flat panel options
  • Concealed weather-stripping of the highest quality and performance
  • 4 9/16“, 6 9/16“ or 7¼“ frame 
  • 5“ or 3 5/8" stiles combined with a 9“,  5" or 3 5/8" bottom rail
  • Available with two, three or four panels
  • Available with triple glaze
  • Combo door available

BT-Française Recouvrement AluminiumALUMINIUM CLAD
For a low maintenance exterior finish, you have the opportunity to choose a contemporary or colonial extruded aluminum clad for your wood doors. We use extruded aluminum only. Thicker and stronger than roll-form, it provides superior durability, weather and impact resistance and longer life.