Lepage Millwork
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With their opening at the bottom, the awning window allows you to have fresh air inside your house despite bad weather conditions. The Lepage awning window gives you the flexibility to manage high winds, pouring rain and ever-changing weather conditions.



  • Solid wood frame, sash and moldings; no finger-joints for a better look
  • Structural construction; multi-section units have common head and sill; no mulling of modules
  • Increased protection against leakage and infiltration due to exceptional weather-stripping
  • Single, structural post for cleaner lines, better aesthetics, more visible glass
  • Glued hardwood dowel sash assembly for solid, long lasting assembly precision
  • Option for push-out
  • Available with triple glaze
  • Available in the Impact Series

BT-Auvent Recouvrement Aluminium


For a low maintenance exterior finish, you have the opportunity to choose an extruded aluminum clad for your wood windows. We use extruded aluminum only. Thicker and stronger than roll-form, it provides superior durability, weather and impact resistance and longer life.